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TEK-DEK is the ideal alternative to wood decking. It has the same traditional good looks as wood, whilst providing significant practical benefits!

Virtually no maintenance, always non-slip, easy on the feet and considerably less expensive. It maintains its good looks, even in the harshest environments. Our Pure Virgin PVC is UV stablised and manufactured in Britain to exacting standards - guaranteeing years of satisfaction.

As the original synthetic teak manufacturer, Tek-Dek have over 20 years of production and supply experience to both the DIY retail market and wider marine industry - supplying fixing adhesives, ancillary products, templating services and deck installations. Our innovation and continued commitment to providing the highest quality products ensures Tek-Dek remains the international benchmark for synthetic teak decking by which all others are compared.

Non-margined Panels: £295 m2 + VAT
Sheet Material: £220 m2 + VAT
Ring/Side Decks: £480 m2 + VAT
Margined Panels: £380 m2  + VAT
  • Looks and feels like real teak
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Fully UV stabilised and stain resistant
  • Superb non-slip qualities
  • Tried and tested formula
  • We only use 100% UV stable virgin PVC
  • We DO NOT use microbeads or other bulking agents, like 2G products

The way we work:

  • Initially we can give an indication on cost from the customers own pictures and measurements.
  • If the customer is happy with this, we will then proceed to templating. Payment for this is needed upfront (unless the customer wishes to undertake this themselves).
  • The final price is only confirmed once templating has been done.
  • If the customer wishes to proceed with the final price then we will issue a Pro-Forma Invoice. We require a 50% deposit in order to process your order.
  • The balance of the decking needs to be paid prior to installation.
  • The installation fee is payable on completion.

Please note: If a deck is installed and then caulked around the outside, trapping the water and condensation under the deck, this will void your warranty. There are, however, a limited number of exceptions when a deck will need to be caulked around the perimeter, such as a cockpit where a recess forms part of the manufacture of the boat.

Please note: If we visit your boat and marina charges are incurred then the customer needs to pay the marina directly either before we attend or at the time. The customer is liable for these charges.

Caution - Please be aware
All genuine Tek-Deks are only made by Tek-Dek United Kingdom and distributed by Farringdon Marine Decking Ltd. There has been and there are counterfeit products being passed off as Tek-Dek and we have had a number of distraught customers approach us with major issues, who thought they were sold Tek-Dek but were in fact sold a cheaper alternative. If it is not spelt TEK then it is not Tek-Dek.