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Tek-Dek Tek-Dek Tek-Dek Tek-Dek

TEK-DEK is a superb alternative to wooden decking that can be applied to almost any surface including GRP, steel and timber. Non-slip traditional looking Tek-Dek is one of the original synthetic teak decking. Replacing the old wood deck on your boat or yacht? Use the P.V.C. marine decking and flooring trusted by boating people worldwide.

Tek-Dek provides fully UV stabilised, practically maintenance free, external decking solutions. We are the exclusive manufacturers of Tek-Dek decking and also stock adhesives suitable to secure our products. For over two decades Tek-Dek has been at the forefront of synthetic teak decking, producing products trusted by both professionals and DIYers alike. Our innovation, attention to detail and continual drive for the highest quality has made Tek-Dek the benchmark by which all others are judged.

Margined panels: £298.50m2
Plain shaped panels: £220m2
Rectangular: £165m2
Ring decks: £385m2

  • Looks and feels like real teak
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Fully UV stabilised and stain resistant
  • Superb non-slip qualities
  • Tried and tested formula
  • We only use 100% UV stable virgin PVC
  • We DO NOT use microbeads or other bulking agents like 2G products
Caution - Please be aware
All genuine Tek-Deks are only made by Tek-Dek United Kingdom and distributed by Farringdon Marine Decking Ltd. There has been and there are counterfeit products being passed off as Tek-Dek and we have had a number of distraught customers approach us with major issues, who thought they were sold Tek-Dek but were in fact sold a cheaper alternative. If it is not spelt TEK then it is not Tek-Dek.